10/31/2003 04:49:00 PM|W|P|Mike|W|P|So it's Halloween. All Hallows Eve. This is going to be fun. Rose and I and, apparently, a bunch of other people, are doing a pub crawl. We don't really have any specific plans, but Rose has been busy all day buying me an outfit. I hope its a goody! Anyhoo, I'm just doin' this to see if something worked. CYODFS.|W|P|106764418473566399|W|P||W|P|10/30/2003 04:29:00 PM|W|P|Mike|W|P|Cool. I'm really proud of that. As you might have noticed, I've changed things a little. Any comments? Please e-mail me. I think that I've deciphered this weird melange of stuff that we call HTML. Who am I kidding, I'm using Frantenstein-ing pieces of other templates! CYODFS|W|P|106755659754724626|W|P||W|P|10/30/2003 02:24:00 PM|W|P|Mike|W|P|Testing my image posting skills, thanks to DJ Freq. ¡Vive la revolución mp3! CYODFS.|W|P|106754908429103038|W|P||W|P|10/29/2003 04:48:00 PM|W|P|Mike|W|P|Holy Mother of Caffein, check this out . In case _ANYONE_ is thinking 'Waht does Mike want for Christmas?" , the answer is, THIS! If you don't get why this is so desireable to me, the head down to your favorite movie store and pick up a copy of Office Space right fraggin' now. If you have ever worked in a corporate environment, you'll appreciate it. CYODFS|W|P|10674713171520154|W|P||W|P|10/29/2003 04:13:00 PM|W|P|Mike|W|P|Poor guy. This gentle person, who never hurt anybody, has been fired from his job for posting this blog entry . As if we needed another proof that Microsoft doesn't know what they're doing. CYODFS|W|P|106746918121244119|W|P||W|P|10/27/2003 04:23:00 PM|W|P|Mike|W|P|Holy smokes today was exciting. Not only did Rose and I find out what flights we're taking into Halifax (it's only 3 hours away from Petitcodiak and 200$ cheaper), but we've gotten our car back! We got the call today, the 7 day repair marathon is done, and now we have a car that is brand spankin' new-looking. This might be a feeling lost on some. I love my car. I missed my car. I really, REALLY missed my car. Nothing is worse than going from a nice, smooth, comfortable feeling Hyundai Elantra to a tank-ish, smelly, gas-guzzler that GM sees fit to call the Malibu. In fact, it doesn't even have bench seats! What's a Malibu without seats you can make love on? But anyway, the rent-a-car is gone and our car, which is vastly superior in every which way, has been returned to us. Happy times indeed. And to make things even more interesting, I have found something that I think you will all agree is tres cool. It's a replica of Sauron's ring, from "Lord of the Rings". I'm buying it as my gift to myself in a few weeks. Oh yeah, and Rose has officially started her job at the Information Desk of the Calgary Public Library. She's really excited about it., and would love e-mails about it. Ask her how it is. Ask her what it's like. Ask her how she's enjoying it. CYODFS|W|P|106729702839192380|W|P||W|P|10/23/2003 07:38:00 PM|W|P|Mike|W|P|I believe that I speak for everyone whan I say that the Gator program is _NOT_ adware. Rather, it is spyware. There is legislation against me saying that. Gator, come and get some. Gator is spyware. For the original article, check out slashdot . CYODFS |W|P|106696312000660147|W|P||W|P|10/23/2003 03:31:00 PM|W|P|Mike|W|P|Holy crap. So busy! I know it's beena while, but man have we been busy. I'll post more when I get the chance, but until then, take care of each other. CYODFS.|W|P|106694826442013006|W|P||W|P|10/15/2003 03:45:00 PM|W|P|Mike|W|P|So, I'm taking Rose out to dinner tonight to "The King & I". It's a Thai place we've been wanting to try for ages. Unfortunately, I didn't count on the long weekend delaying the arrival of my paycheque until tomorrow, or even Friday. This is not good people. I don't even have enpugh to get her a card, but I took out what cash I do have, and that'll pay for the meal. I hope. I don't want to mess this one up. I'm planning on getting something very nice for her as well, and it won't be here until Friday, it's going to be a week of presents and cards and what-nots. I really hope I don't screw this one up. On top of that, the insurance guy hasn't gotten his stuff yet, which is making me supremly nervous. Now the fax has started...oh well, no rest for the employed! CYODFS|W|P|106625795667246322|W|P||W|P|10/09/2003 03:57:00 PM|W|P|Mike|W|P|SO my folks are arriving tonight. I'm pretty excited to see them. Rose is to. It's going to be nice having them around, but I'm somewhat curious as to how they will react to our very 'just-moved-into-town'themed appartement. And hopefully the futon is a good bed for them. I know it's strong enough, I'm just worried wether it's hard enough. Mom's back is really sore. Anyhoo, it's 5. Quittin' time, so, as usual, CYODFS.|W|P|106574024587124698|W|P||W|P|10/06/2003 03:22:00 PM|W|P|Mike|W|P|Oh, by the way, Aaron and Mev were awsome to be around. Have you two found anything yet? Seen any moose? CYODFS|W|P|106547894495192246|W|P||W|P|10/06/2003 03:20:00 PM|W|P|Mike|W|P|God do I hate this place. I can't wait to leave. Shell sucks. Well, not exactly. Shell itself, as a large, ungainly, corporate entity is fair enough. They pay great. It's the people I work with. I can't stand any of them. I want to quit so badly I can taste it. I seriously advise anyone out there looking for a new job that, should one present itself, take a good, long look at the people who will be working with you. If they're more than 10 years your junior or senior, find another job. I shit you not it will keep you there longer. Case in point: I work with a bunch of 40-somethings that are happy as clams doing something they have done for 5 years, and never having any room for expansion. I'm sick of being treated like I'm some kind of hoity-toity person just because, as far as I can tell, I have a degree and they don't. One of them was actually trying to make me feel bad by saying something like "You have a degree and went to school, but I bet you didn't know that." in regards to some pop-psychology e-mail being passed around. No shit I didn't know that, I have a Philosophy degree, not a Psychology one, retard. These people are making every day suck, and I don't want to be in a place that sucks. Hopefully ETFS will hire me back. I loved working with them, it was fun and the people awsome. This place, well, it's my own, personalized, customizable, requisitionned, taboo-filled cubicle Hell. Is it hot in here or is it just me? CYODFS.|W|P|106547885439898332|W|P||W|P|10/02/2003 04:40:00 PM|W|P|Mike|W|P|Exhaustion. The plague of humans since the early days of Mammoth hunting. I have been surviving on less than 4 hours sleep for the last three days and it's taken it's tole on me. I can't think. I can barely talk. I'm pretty sure I'm hearing voices telling me to go to sleep. This is not good. We've rented "Dog Day Afternoon" to watch tonight before we drive Aaron and Mev to the airport tomorrow, and I'm fairly certain I'm not going to stay awake during it. I only hope I don't snore too loudly. Weird question: why do towels smell horrible after only three days of use? It's perplexing me. If you have any suggestions, they go here . Last night we went to the Mongolian Grill. It's this really cool place where they styr-fry your food. And I'm not tlaking about "you're food" as in you order it, I'm tlaking about you go up to a salad bar and put everything you want in a bowl and hand it to them. The cooks then weight it, fry it, and serve it back to you. Very kool, and you can't complain that there's not enough of this or too much that. Very neat. Anyhoo, time to recouperate. CYODFS.|W|P|106513803839041375|W|P||W|P|